Guidance on the content of the book

My latest book is Costa Del Sol Gigolo it is the first part of a four-part crime novel called Komisario Santiago.

The book’s events take place in southern Spain in the Costa Del Sol, a popular area for Finns. The venue is a city called Fuengirola.

An English middle-aged couple, Brian and Jane, move to Fuengirola in the Spanish sun with their two children. After a while, they find that the jobs and salary did not match what they had expected at all. Brian decides to send his family back to England so he has time to get a good job for himself and his wife in Spain. He gets to know a lot of people in the nightlife of Fuengirola and nearby towns and drifts into male prostitution.

Juan Santiago is a young handsome police officer working in Malaga, he has studied at the same time as a Komissarie in addition to his work. He is looking for a new job as a Komissarie and finds it in a small tourist town called Fuengirola. Right from the start, he gets a murder investigation on his desk, the traces lead to circles of the rich people where drugs and prostitution are commonplace. The roads of these two men meet like two matadors in the same arena.

The next book by Commissioner Santiago is entitled “Lost on the Costa Del Sol”.

Drug hell

”Drug hell” it’s a true story of an serious criminal Kimmo Harjula. He is a former drug and alcohol addict.

His parents were addicts, and his father was sadistisc tyrant. He began to beat and tortyred him regularly when he was little. He also became sexually exploited and had to experience terrible things in his home. To cope with the daily torture similar to life he began to sniff glue, smoke hash, and drink alcohol when he was only seven years old.

He became a criminal already as a young man and he was placed in 46 different foster homes when he was a child. Later he continued his criminal life and he has been sitting for 14 years in various prisons.

He made three different attempted murders on his father before he managed to get out of the abuse and finally the criminal circles, he trained himself as a therapist and is today a free man.

Read his incredible story of survival, and what drugs can do the human. The book comes out in English and Spanish in July 2019 and is sold at

In Swedish and Finnish, the book will be published in September 2019, it will be sold in a different online bookstore such as,,, etc and in all the usual bookshops in Sweden and Finland.

Boys from St. Petersburg

The book’s main character is called Aleksej, he is an orphan Russian street child. He spends most of his days on the streets of Vyborg, trying to provide for himself by exchanging currency for tourists. He lives an abandoned apartment block in the outskirt of Vyborg together with other street children. He has only just turned sixteen, and he has spent his entire life in an orphanage. After Aleksej ran away about a year ago, he has been sharing the block with other boys who have faced a similar fate. Aleksej has never met his parents, and he knows nothing about them. One day while he working on the city streets, he is pulled into a fight as his friend is being assaulted by tourists. When Aleksej attempts to help him get out of the situation, the friend stabs one of the men to death. The boy’s only option is to run and hide. This marks the beginning of Aleksej’s adventure, which takes him from a youth prison to the criminal underworld of Saint Petersburg that will teach him a hard lesson about what it means to be a grown-up.

West African Rendez-vous

This story is about an African man called Kunta Kinte who travels from the Gambia in West Africa to America in the year 2014. His journey, however, is quite different from that of his ancestors, also called Kunta Kinte, who lived in the 18th century. Kunta Kinte earns his living as a street musician.  He sings and plays his African drum Djembe in front of hotels and close to their terrace by the sea. One night when he playing on the beach by the hotel terrace, he meets an American tourist sitting by himself watching the sunset and admiring the Atlantic waves. The man looks mournful, and the table in front of him is covered in empty whiskey glasses. This encounter marks the beginning of Kunta Kinte’s great American adventure. His journey there would be complicated and it would change his life completely.