Paul “Murphy” Granholm, originally from Finland now living in Sweden is an accomplished, multilingual author of many different genres. He has a passion for telling stories through the written word as is clearly depicted in his writing style. Nothing pleases him more than knowing he has captivated and thrilled his readers with his work.

Some of his hobbies include his love of hockey, writing any chance he can get, spending quality time with his dog, and impressively leading a multiple business entrepreneurship in retail, writing, and marketing. His writing career is taking off and he’s thrilled to be promoting his newest publications right here on this website.

He writes both fiction and non-fiction, and particularly enjoys sharing fascinating tales of real people he admires. His latest biography, Kunta Kinte is beautifully written and takes the reader on an exciting, yet sometimes horrifying adventure of this man’s life. Find out more information about Kunta Kinte using the link provided.

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