Hello to everyone!

Paul Murphy

Welcome to my website, my name is Paul Murphy and I am an author. I was born in Helsinki Finland but grew up in a small town called Porvoo about five miles from Helsinki. I moved to Stockholm Sweden when I was very young.

After many years in Stockholm I started writing film scripts. More recently though, I’ve begun to write many different genres of books and novels, a pastime in which I have discovered a great deal of gratification and pleasure.

My new Bok: Drug Hell

I have written five books before both in Swedish and Finnish. My books are also translated in English.

I’ve written five books before, my sixth book called ”Drughell” it’s a true story of an serious criminal Kimmo Harjula. He is a former drug and alcohol addict.

His parents were addicts, and his father was sadistisc tyrant. He began to beat and tortyred him regularly when he was little. He also became sexually exploited and had to experience terrible things in his home. To cope with the daily torture similar to life he began to sniff glue, smoke hash, and drink alcohol when he was only seven years old.

He became a criminal already as a young man and he was placed in 46 different foster homes when he was a child. Later he continued his criminal life and he has been sitting for 14 years in various prisons.

He made three different attempted murders on his father before he managed to get out of the abuse and finally the criminal circles, he trained himself as a therapist and is today a free man.

Read his incredible story of survival, and what drugs can do the human. The book comes out in English and Spanish in July 2019 and is sold at www.amazon.com.

In Swedish and Finnish, the book will be published in September 2019, it will be sold in a different online bookstore such as www.adilibris.se, www.bokus.com, www.cdon.com, etc and in all the usual bookshops in Sweden and Finland.

“Drug Hell”